Seniors Group

Senior Group

There are many benefits to joining the senior group at the club.

The club caters for all ages and all levels of ability so don’t think that “you aren’t fast enough to join the Harriers”, an often misplaced perception people have.

Training, which takes place on a Tuesday and Thursday evening at Eastbourne track consists of timed intervals which the individual will run at their own pace. So actually these sessions would benefit anyone starting out with a basic level of fitness to your Olympic Athletes. 

As our sessions are mostly held on a track, there’s the assurance that you could never be left behind as you are running on a 400m circuit. Everyone is really friendly and new members are always welcome along to try us out to see if they like it. We’ve seen a number of people come along with fears about not being fast enough and end up signing for the club on the same night as they have loved the atmosphere and the banter that goes hand in hand with the running.

In addition to the training side of being a senior member, there are a number of fun relays and club races that we do throughout the year where everyone supports each other and usually end up having a social gathering afterwards to celebrate the day. The senior section is built on teamwork, fun and trust. Everyone has an open and honest relationship and work together. It’s an absolute pleasure to work with and be part of a group of like-minded people.

The added benefit of being a senior with family is that if you have children or grandchildren running at the club then the senior section works parallel to the junior sessions at the same place so you can get healthy and keep an eye on the kids at the same time who will be well looked after by our experienced coaches.

What does the Senior Group participate in?

Road Running, Track & Field, Cross Country, Trail running, Ultra running, Relays

If you think that you would benefit from these sessions or like the sound of how the Darlington Harriers are set up then please give Paul Cook a call on 07967 262095 or email him at

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Nutrition and Hydration

Nutrition and hydration are two commonly asked questions about running and i'm sure if you asked 100 different athletes you will get 100 different responses.  However if you are looking for some general advice around nutrition and hydration, this can be obtained through England Athletics who provide some really useful information. Always remember to eat something after training ideally within the first 30 minutes of finishing exercise.

Pictured above is a basic food model diagram

Technique and Stretching

Technique tips.pdf

Runners World guide to Stretching for runners - Essential stretches, including descriptions and videos

Stretching for Runners - Information from Cool

Foam Rolling How to use a foam roller - Tips from Runners World magazine on how to use a Foam Roller


(For information purposes only, if you're worried about an injury that won't clear up, please discuss with a medical professional)

Feet - information on foot pain
Runners knee - Details about 'Runners knee' aka Patellofemoral pain syndrome
Illiotibial Band Syndrome - Information about the IT Band, a recurring and difficult to treat common running injury
Shin Splints - catch-all term for anything that hurts below the knee!
Plantar Fasciitis - Information on treating and dealing with 'policeman's heal'!

Massage Self Massage - tips for keeping your body injury free Self Massage the Runners Way - tips from Runners World

Competition for Veterans (35 years of age and above)

Are you a Darlington Harrier member aged 35 and over? Looking for something a little different? There is a host of events aimed at male and female club members in all 5 year age categories from 35 years up to 75 plus. You may be interested in competing in the Masters/Veteran only events, locally & nationally.

Check out the following websites for details of how you could enjoy the friendly but competitive Masters/Veterans Athletics scene this year: Keep checking the website’s home page for the latest news on Masters competition.

North East Masters Athletics Association (NEMAA)

British Masters Athletics Federation (BMAF)

Please note for NEMAA Championship Awards in the closed events you must be affiliated to NEMAA. New, first time members will pay a small fee to become a member but this will include NEMAA & BMAF

Looking for local races?

There are many races taking place in the area, many of which can be found on or at

This page has many links to courses, other club websites, course maps and other useful pieces of information.  Further afield races can be found on which contains filters to narrow down the type of race your looking for.

If your looking for something specific please consult with other members of the club who may have knowledge of courses to fit your needs. There is also some useful articles contained in England Athletics website for both Athletes and Coaches.

Athletics is open to all sexes, take a look at this article around why gender is irrelevant when it comes to sport in society.

There is a bespoke women's sports magazine for those who prefer to hear it from a women's perspective only but there are many non gender specific magazines available to take a look at.such as Runners World


Looking for local routes?

Whether it's Darlington, Durham, New York or Sydney, map my run has lots of routes captured which can help keep your running interesting so take a look or ask on our Social media pages or club members for some information.

Senior timetable

Club nights for Senior athletes

Sessions will be posted on the club website as well as through Social Media.  Darlington Harrier Senior Group page on Facebook is a great place to join and arrange to meet runners on other days where scheduled training is not arranged to get some steady/sociable runs in.

January 2019

Date Day Session Location Start Time Finish Time
1 Tuesday
2 Wednesday
3 Thursday Club Session TBC 18:15 19:15
4 Friday 18:00
5 Saturday Parkrun Various 09:00 10:00
6 Sunday XC Training 18:15
7 Monday S&C Dolphin Centre 18:15 19:00
8 Tuesday Track Eastbourne Complex 18:15 19:15
9 Wednesday
10 Thursday Club Session TBC 18:15 19:15
11 Friday
12 Saturday Parkrun Various 09:00 10:00
13 Sunday
14 Monday S&C Dolphin Centre 18:00 19:00
15 Tuesday Track session Eastbourne Complex 18:15 19:15
16 Wednesday
17 Thursday Club Session TBC 18:15 19:15
18 Friday
19 Saturday Parkrun Various 09:00 10:00
20 Sunday
21 Monday S&C Dolphin Centre 18:00 19:00
22 Tuesday Track session Eastbourne Complex 18:15 19:15
23 Wednesday
24 Thursday Club Session TBC 18:15
25 Friday
26 Saturday Parkrun Various 09:00 10:00
27 Sunday
28 Monday S&C Dolphin Centre 18:00 19:00
29 Tuesday
30 Wednesday
31 Thursday Club Session TBC 18:15

Seniors training with any of the Junior Coaches, please refer to the junior page for the timetable