Harriers History 1990-1999

Harriers History 1990-1999

June edition of the runner, showcasing the clubs 100 years in existence

To celebrate 100 years, a 10km road race around Yarm Road Industrial estate

Ladies team league champions, coach Alan Ransom

Men's team league champions, coach Helen Blanchard

Floral display, South Park on the centenary year covered in an article below

Darlington & Stockton Times 1991

Andy Woodward in action in the 4 x100m 1995 at Leeming handing the baton to Doug Wylie sporting a cast for his broken wrist, winning time of 43.9 seconds 

NECC 1997

NECC 31st January 1998

NECC 1998

Darlington Harriers continue to make the headline through the 90's and into the new millenium

Ian Barnes still running strong throughout the 90's

Speaks for itself.  4th ranking in the UK for 100m relays - 1994.  Photo taken by their coach Derek Harrison, who is sadly no longer with us.  R.I.P. Derek.

Girls just carry on winning!  The 1994 under 13 girls cross country team, who won every team event at that year's NYSD Cross Country series.  The Northern Echo story about the girls can be seen below.

5 of the 6 Under 13 'Girls just carry on winning' team of 1994.  They are holding trophies given to them by Coach Wally Lawson, who is also sadly no longer with us, and Wayne Bramley.  These trophies were in recognition of them winning every team race at the NYSD Cross Country events that season.

From left to right - Gemma Bramley, Georgina Rutherford, Kimberley Read, Rachel Chalmers and Laura Davies (Cheryl Sutcliffe is missing).

R.I.P. Wally.

The Junior cross country squad with the trophies that they’d amassed at the end of NYSD Cross Country League. 

Back row left to right: Ashley Robinson, Caroline Davies, Daniel Orton, Chris Teasdale, Darren Bradley, David Brown, Suzie Rutherford, Bernadette Taylor, Ruth Brown.

Front row: Simon Rutherford, Kimberley Read, Alister McCulloch, Laura Davies, Georgina Rutherford, Claire Blacklee, Rachel Chalmers, Gemma Bramley, Lizzie Teasdale and unknown.

Georgina Rutherford, Kimberley Read, Gemma Bramley, Caroline Davies, Rachel Chalmers and Laura Davies at the Cross Country County (Durham Schools) trials held at King James the 2nd school in Bishop Auckland.

The squad that had great success at the NYSD Cross Country Relays with the 5 trophies that they won.  Wally Lawson stands at the left of the photo holding the Aggregate trophy.

Back row left to right: Ashley Robinson, Danny Read, Chris Teasdale, Rachel Chalmers, Simon Rutherford, Suzie Rutherford, Darren Bradley, Georgina Rutherford, Gemma Bramley, Unknown, Laura Davies, Caroline Davies and Kimberley Read. 

Kneeling at the front: Lizzie Teasdale & Laura Scott.

The Senior Mens team taken at a North Eastern Cross Country Championship meeting in 1996.

Back row left to right: Wayne Bramley, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Ronnie Read, Paul Smith. 

Front row: Willie Halliday, Unknown, Steve Hutchinson, Peter Smith & Nigel Orr 

NYSD Cross Country meeting in 1998.

Back row left to right: Wayne Bramley, Paul Smith, Ian Barnes, Nigel Orr, Unknown, Unknown.

Front row: Steve Hutchinson and Ronnie Read.


And the colour version! 1997