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My life as a proud member of DHAC, which began in July 2015, followed two events. Firstly, another Harrier – Dom Colley – began teaching at the same school as me and I decided I wanted to get as fit as him. Then following this, I had a disappointing run at a race in Sedgefield. Some old friends, who were members, saw how disappointed I was and suggested I come along and give the Harriers a go. Needless to say, I have loved every minute of being a Harrier.

The first track session I went to convinced me that our club was the one for me: it was fun, supportive, competitive and tough work. The perfect combination for me! To this day, I still find a tough track session or long run to be the perfect way to unwind after work.

From being last at the track at my first session, I have improved to the point where I now run marathons and ultras regularly. All this from the superb coaching and support on offer at our club.

My main interests running-wise are road marathons and off-road ultras, although I’ll try anything. The other part of our club that I love is meeting and helping new people. Having lost quite a lot of weight myself, I take particular interest in helping people who feel they aren’t fit enough to do these things. I love to pass on the ‘can do’ attitude I have picked up from our club. If there’s anything you feel I could help you with, please get in touch at