Beginners Group

Beginner Group


Our beginner group is an introductory way into supporting people to having a more active and healthy lifestyle. The group led by our qualified coaches make sure that the sessions are enjoyable and are tailored to the individual’s needs.

Sessions are completely free (although any sessions which are help at the track runners are charged £2.10 by Eastbourne Complex) 

There is no requirement to joining Darlington Harriers as a beginner member although we have seen many join the club to date and all are very welcome to in the future. This group if fun and friendly and give people who fear joining a running club as “not being fast enough” a level of comfort that you don’t have to be a Mo Farah to join.

What is a beginner?

A beginner is someone who is not a member of the club and may have come along to see what it's all about.  Beginners are not charged by the club and are not a member of the club but are free to come along to these sessions to keep fit and active for an unlimited time period.

Any person over the age of 18 who has signed up to the club will be classed as a senior runner for Darlington Harriers regardless if they continue to run with the beginner group.  There is no requirement for a senior runner to train with the senior group and can continue to run with the beginner group to support others or for social reasons.

Training Plans
Couch to 5k - beginners running plans from the NHS
Run Britain Training Wizard - Selectable training plans from 1 mile to Marathon dstances
Marathon training - Free Marathon training plans from the Official London Marathon site


Choosing running shoes - How to choose a running shoe?

Session information can be found under the "Events" and "Training" menu of this website or through Darlington Harriers Begginers group on Facebook

For further details, please contact Anneli Mackenzie-Brown at